Tuesday, June 19, 2007

let the children go


let them go.
Thank you for your abundant support so far. We are going to hand in another 4000+ handcollected signatures soon. The new petition site is linked to this site. Please continue supporting us as the children have not been returned to Ireland and the Netherlands continue to ignore the rights of these children.
No child should grow up in jail. This boy has been in confinement since he was 9.
The Dutch hold on to these children and foot the bill of 24/7 care to the mother. Mother never agreed to this.
Please support us by writing to your local minister. You can copy the following message.

To your local minister, T.D.
C.C. letter.
Return Urre and Norwin-Ur to Ireland and reunite them with their mother as monies should not be a sole reason to tear families apart. The international agreement and ratification on abducted children has not been implemented as the Dutch do not acknowledge it when it concerns children leaving their country. This is wrong. Children should not 'have the right to be taken from their parents' but instead should 'have the right to live with their family'.

to sign send your email to : fem.action@yahoo.ie

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Greg L-W. said...

Well done for trying - you know the story but having read all the 'stuff' on your blog I don't!!!
Have a look at:
& see if that can help you.
The more people on the StolenKids- blogs the more links and the more traction giving more 'clout'.

Surely a petition of this type cuts no ice - requires at least accurate initials and house number + Post Code - to have any validity.

I hope we can help.

Greg L-W.