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Ministerie van V. en J.
Directoraat-Generaal Preventie, Jeugd En Sancties
Directie Control,
Bedrijfsvoering En Juridische Zaken
Schedeldoekshaven 100
2511EX den Haag
fax 0031703707900

Kenmerk XXX


I received your letter today, 6th of April 2011. You promised to send this within weeks after the hearing of 25th october 2010. I noted that during the hearing not one of the accused were heard or could be crossexamined.
I duly note now, within the 10 days grace, that the following is incorrect and this letter does not exclude any incorrectness not mentioned herein.

The letter I just received with the outcome of the hearing, signed on behalf one of Fred Teeven 'Staatssecretaris van Veiligheid en Justitie'. The notes you delivered in this letter from the hearing are not completely coinciding with the transcript. I will get back on that later.

A point 5 is taken out of the context of point 4.
I have no knowledge of internal letters but do know that in your letter you wrongly state that I am convinced that data in the GBA has been changed.
I have evidence that I never lived in Voorschoten after my childhood and this was made clear.

You state that Goeptar was not the one doing this 'wrong administration' however he admitted doing this on tape.

Evidence of my place of residence having been Ireland since 1997 has been delivered but this disappeared out of the paperwork, you have with your letter now just acknowledged its disappearance again. I gave proof of residence in Ireland all along and have had all bills here.
I handed in paperwork so did use this opportunity that you mention in the letter, I had to send some directly to Goeptar as it did disappear in the past.

You state that the Dutch told the Irish that I lived in Voorschoten. So he did not hear it from the Irish, he TOLD the Irish. On that he cannot make an assumption that HE, Goeptar himself was misinformed and then closed the case and again he has admitted to it.

I await your rectification and subsequent response.

By Eva de Winter

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Sunday, November 14, 2010


'Because the mother does not live in Holland we deem the mother unfit to take care of her children.'

So the raad kept you all these years on the ground that I did not live in Holland and the ministry did not return you under the convention on falsified documents stating that I lived in Holland and therefore it was not international. How cruel are they to rip apart our family. Missing you lots, Hope you get to read this one day. Please don't be afraid of the bjz anymore.
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Monday, July 12, 2010


In an internal hearing within minjus they will decide about what they will do with Goeptar.
Urre in the mean time has been placed to a couple of other places so that she cannot give evidence.

The Dutch refused to return the children under the convention of the Hague on internationally kidnapped children. They refused on false grounds. They lied and stated 'the mother lived in the Dutch municipality of Voorschoten.' Now they had a problem. There was no address no telephone number, nothing. They asked time and again to open a Dutch telephone number.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Letter to my son.

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Letter to my son Norwin-Ur,
(Copy and spread please so he may read it)
Dear Norwin-Ur,
I love you and miss you every day. I know the bjz voogd told you that I do not want you any more but you would never fall for her lies. Know in your heart that I am there, thinking of you. Have courage my son, never give up hope. I have fought long and hard for you but I stand alone. I cherish the toys that you played with. When I close my eyes I think of you. I know you are out there somewhere and you are in my heart. You know a mother can never lose that bond. All my hope was in vein but as long as you are alive know that I love you my son and I devoted every day for the past 6 years fighting for you.
Because you are worth everything to me.
There is no court that will even pretend to give justice anymore.
I tried everything in order to get you out of this dreadful place you are in. I have failed you.
This is as far as I got trying to fend for your rights, I got nowhere.
The voogd gave you overdoses of a medicine in order to make you violent. You were for a short period of time, and you have trouble remembering this.
It is because she administered oxybutinine overdoses.
You must go to a hospital outside the Netherlands and check your liver and kidney functions as soon as you can in order to check for damage.
In court this voogd said to have permission from a doctor but later on, when I asked for the doctors name she suddenly declared to have had a free hand in administering as much as she wanted to administer herself and that she did not need to consult a doctor for this.

I asked your sister did she write the letters that were read out in court in her name. She denied ever writing these but does not want to put this on paper. Do not be angry at her, she is doing this for self-protection. Your plea in the courts is still void. The bjz representative told the judge that you change your mind every time in court and the judge did not want to listen to me when I told him this was your first time in court.
The convention of the Hague is not honoured because the government department of the Netherlands lied to the Irish department.
Again the subject came up as to why you were put in jail in severest lock-up at the age of 10. This is against the law.
The evidence is there but there is no one willing to use it.
I put a claim of 50000 per day on the judge, bjz and the voogd, the queen and government. I hope when you are an adult you can fight this in court and get some form of compensation because you missed out on having a family and childhood and education.
I myself have nothing to offer you but my love and devotion.
Hopefully some day you will read this letter.
Know that I am still proud of you.
Know that I love you and am thinking of you always.
mammy loves you.
Have courage.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let the Children Go

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let them go.
Thank you for your abundant support so far. We are going to hand in another 4000+ handcollected signatures soon. The new petition site is linked to this site. Please continue supporting us as the children have not been returned to Ireland and the Netherlands continue to ignore the rights of these children.
No child should grow up in jail. This boy has been in confinement since he was 9.
The Dutch hold on to these children and foot the bill of 24/7 care to the mother. Mother never agreed to this.
Please support us by writing to your local minister. You can copy the following message.

To your local minister, T.D.
C.C. letter.
Return Urre and Norwin-Ur to Ireland and reunite them with their mother as monies should not be a sole reason to tear families apart. The international agreement and ratification on abducted children has not been implemented as the Dutch do not acknowledge it when it concerns children leaving their country. This is wrong. Children should not 'have the right to be taken from their parents' but instead should 'have the right to live with their family'.

Sign the petition at bottom of this blog.

Let the Children Go

Let the Children Go

let them go.